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Where are the Computer and Licences settings from Grid 3 version 91?

Details of some of the changes to Grid's Settings window from version 91 and later.

How do I clear the Grid 3’s web browser cache?

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The Grid 3 has a built in web browser which is used for all accessible apps as well as general use. The cache of the web browser can be cleared similar to any other web browser, removing history, cookies and other saved data.

What are small words in Grid 3?

Small words are common words that have not been symbolised to improve readability, in Settings you can add, edit and delete these from your dictionary

How do I manage chat history in Grid 3?

Chat history allows you to recall previously spoken messages so you can use them again. You can also store the locations where you said these messages to allow you to control which messages you see depending on where you are. Chat history is full customisable via the Grid 3 settings.

How do I control when text is spoken whilst typing in Grid 3?

The default setting in Grid 3 is to speak each word as it is typed. This may not always be what is needed. Grid 3 allows you to change when it speaks.

How do I manage my prediction dictionary and spell checker in Grid 3?

The Dictionary settings control how words are stored, predicted and displayed in your chat writing area.

What is auto capitalisation and how do I use it in Grid 3?

Capitalisation lets you define any words that should be automatically capitalised when typed in lower case. This is very useful for typing common names and places.

What is Auto Replace and how do I use it in Grid 3?

You can use Auto Replace to correct small grammatical errors that can be introduced when using suffixes and prefixes to adjust words. 

How do I correct the pronunciation of a word in Grid 3?

You may be required to change how Grid 3 pronounces a certain word. This is especially useful for people or place names.

How do I find more information about my Grid 3 installation?

The About option in Settings will display information about your Grid 3 installation. This information may be required by our Support team if you have any issues.

Pre-recorded Infrared remote files

This is our library of pre-recorded IR files for use with your Grid pad, You can download and then import them into your version of Grid 3. 

Backup and restore your user in Grid 3

Grid 3 has the ability to back up your user. This includes all your content and settings as well as things like chat history. This can be restored back to any device running Grid 3.

Show and hide the menu bar in Grid 3

In Grid 3, you may want to set the menu bar to not be shown. This locks you into Grid 3 by hiding the exit button, it also hides settings and access to edit mode. This is also used when using Grid 3 with a keyguard to make sure cells are aligned correctly. 

Grid 3 primary user

One Grid 3 user can be the primary user. The primary user will automatically open once Grid 3 is started on your device. It also has access to more features, such as Remote Editing.

Connect Grid 3 to Dropbox

Grid 3 users can be connected to Dropbox. This will create automatic backups of your grid sets in Grid 3 and allow access to Remote Editing. You can use a new or existing Dropbox account and you do not need to install the Dropbox program or app on your device.

Changing your voice in Grid 3

With Grid 3, there is a wide range of voice choices for multiple languages. If the default voice isn’t for you, or you want to change your voice at a later date, you can add and use a new voice inside Grid 3 settings.

Remote editing in Grid 3

Remote Editing allows grid sets to be edited without having to have access to the user’s communication aid or computer, allowing parents and professionals to collaborate on developing grid sets. 

Message banking in Grid 3

Message banking allows you to record sounds or speech and assign them to different phrases in Grid 3. When the phrase is entered into a chat writing area, Grid 3 will automatically recognise it and use your recorded speech instead of the usual synthesised speech.

Import banked messages into Grid 3

It is possible to import audio files that you have already recorded for message banking into Grid 3. This will save you the effort of re-recording them.

Change the symbol library of a grid set in Grid 3

If you are using Smartbox grid sets or modifying your own existing content, you may want to change the symbol library to match the one you are used to. The default symbol library for Smartbox grid sets varies depending on the language of the grid set, but alternative versions are available with different symbol libraries.

Change the skin tone for symbols in Grid 3

The skin tone of symbols in Grid 3 can be changed. This will change all symbols in the currently used symbol library.

How do I turn off Safe Search when looking for Grid 3 symbols?

Grid 3 uses Bing Safe Search when looking for symbols online. This can be disabled via the settings.

How do I connect my email account with Grid 3?

You can connect your email account with Grid 3 to access your emails in your grid set. Different email providers have different levels of security and require a different configuration.

How do I connect my Gmail account with Grid 3?

Gmail email accounts can be connected to Grid 3. Additional security settings are required before your email account will work in Grid 3.

How do I connect my iCloud account with Grid 3?

iCloud email accounts can be used in Grid 3. Additional security settings are required to connect the iCloud email account for use in Grid 3.

How do I use my Yahoo email account with Grid 3?

Yahoo email accounts can be connected to Grid 3. Additional security settings are required before your email account will work in Grid 3

How do I connect my smart phone with Grid 3?

Grid 3 can connect to your smart phone to allow you to make calls and send text messages. This is done using Bluetooth. Both Android and iOS phones are compatible, providing they are on the right operating system version.

How do I change the settings of my grid set in Grid 3?

Whilst inside a grid set, you can modify the grid set settings. This includes the name of the grid set, how it looks in Grid Explorer and the language.

How do I connect an infrared accessory with Grid 3?

Most devices with an infrared remote can be paired with Grid 3. This allows Grid 3 to mimic the device remote control, allowing you to control it with a Grid 3 grid set.

How do I connect an ELDAT EasyWave socket with Grid 3?

An ELDAT EasyWave socket can be triggered via the Grid 3 to turn on any mains powered device that is plugged into it. The socket needs to be paired inside Grid 3 first. 

Using Z-Wave with Grid 3

Z-Wave uses radio technology to connect to specialised accessories including plug sockets and alarm systems. Z-Wave can be used via Grid 3 to access any accessories via your grid set.

Using multiple environment control accessories in Grid 3

Multiple environment control accessories can be paired to Grid 3 at one time. You can set up your grid set to switch between these accessories with a few cells, rather than making a different grid for each accessory.