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How do I open and save email attachments in Grid 3?

Instructions to view and save email attachments with Grid 3.

Can I choose phone menu options when making a call through Grid 3?

How to use Grid's Pause command to choose options on an automated phone menu.

How do I print grids from Grid 3?

How to print your writing and grids from Grid 3.

How do I prepare for the Grid 3 version 93 web browser update?

Guidance on what is changing with Grid update version 93 and the browser update.

How do I set Grid 3 to launch with Windows?

You may want to set Grid 3 to automatically open when you start your computer to save time or make it easier to open.

How do I use Grid’s grammar features?

How to use Grid's grammar features and commands.

What is grid set analysis?

What each of the details within Grid 3's grid set analysis mean.

How do I use the Find Word command in Grid 3?

How to add and use the Find word command in Grid 3.

How do I update Grid?

Grid is continually being developed to provide new features, content and bug fixes, so we always recommend you keep Grid up to date

How do I install SpeakUnique regional voices in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad?

How to install SpeakUnique's UK-regional voices within Grid 3 and Grid for iPad

How do I install Voice Banked Voices for Grid 3?

Grid 3 is compatible with any voice in a SAPI5 format, this includes voice banked voices created by third parties. These voices will need to be installed and licenced with Windows first and should then appear in Grid 3 as part of the Voices store.

How do I remove a grid set from Grid 3?

This article will explain how to remove a grid set from Grid 3.

How do you add a Grid set in Grid 3?

Learn how to add grid sets to Grid 3

How can I start a silent installation or update of Grid 3?

Grid 3 can be installed and updated 'silently', meaning that no options or window will be shown - also meaning that there is no requirement to press Next. However, it may display a prompt if there is an error.

Sharing your grid sets using Grid 3

Grid sets can be shared between devices in many ways, depending on if you want them to be public or not. They can also be shared between your own devices.

How do I set up Look to Read and Look to Learn with eye gaze in Grid 3?

Look to Learn and Look to Read are not directly eye gaze compatible. You either need to use your camera manufacturer's software, or a grid set in Grid 3 to control them.

Opening and using a grid set in Grid 3

After adding grid sets into Grid 3, they can be opened by selecting them in Grid Explorer. Each grid set is different and can be used in different ways.

Making quick edits in Grid 3

You can make some edits to your grid very quickly. This might be changing a word in a word list or changing the label and picture on a cell.

How do I set Grid 3 to launch with Windows?

You may want to set Grid 3 to automatically open when you start your computer to save time or make it easier to open.

How do I purchase and install PODD in Grid 3?

PODD is additional purchase for Grid 3. When you purchase PODD for Grid 3 you will receive a licence code that can be activated on your device. You will need a Grid 3 licence to use PODD for Grid 3. 

How do I add and share grid sets using Online Grids and Grid 3?

With your Smartbox Account, you can share and add grid sets from the Smartbox Community using Online Grids. These grid sets will become publicly accessible once shared through Online Grids. 

How do I send a Grid 3 grid set to Grid Player?

Grid Player is our free iOS app. It is available on the Apple App store. You can send grid sets which you have created in Grid 3 to Grid Player. 

What is abbreviation expansion and how do I use it in Grid 3?

Abbreviation expansion will automatically offer the full sentence in your prediction cells when an abbreviation is used.

How do I use more than one language in Grid 3?

Grid 3 supports over 30 languages with over 100 voices available and localized grid sets. Languages are set per grid set and not per user which allows one user area to have grid sets using multiple languages.  

What is Kiosk Mode and how do I use it with Grid 3?

Kiosk Mode is a way to set a device such that it will only load a single application, preventing access to other software and even things such as Windows settings.

How do I use emoji symbols in Grid 3?

Emojis can be used in Grid 3 for SMS, email and social media. We have an emoji keyboard available which can be imported into your grid set.

How do I use WhatsApp with Grid 3?

WhatsApp is an extremely popular instant messaging service that supports multiple devices and allows you to chat freely with your friends and groups of contacts around the world. We have a grid set for using WhatsApp with Grid 3.

What are Grid 3 early access updates and how do I enable them?

If you are keen to try the latest features in Grid 3, you can choose to opt into early access updates. This will enable you to access pre-release features of Grid 3 when we release them publicly for testing. 

Reduce the size of large grid sets in Grid 3

Large grid sets can cause problems with remote editing, syncing with Dropbox or be slow to load or open. A large grid set is any grid set above 30MB in size. We recommend keeping your grid sets as small as possible, to avoid any issues.  

What is a grid set?

A grid set is like an app within Grid; grid sets can vary in their purpose, from a simple symbolised sentence building page to a complete text communication package with camera and web access.

What is a grid?

A grid is what you will see on your screen when you are inside a grid set; each page in a grid set is a grid. Grid sets can be made up of many grids, or may contain only one single grid.

What is a Write cell?

A cell using the Write command will speak a word, phrase or sentence.

What is a word list?

A word list is a dynamic list of words that populates word list cells.

How do I find words in Grid 3?

When becoming familiar with the software and grid sets, it is always useful to know where to search words, so you can model or locate them when needed.