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Getting started

Grid 3 and Grid for iPad comparison

Details of the differences between Grid 3 and Grid for iPad.

Getting to know Grid 3

When using Grid 3 (and looking through these articles), you will see terms such as Grid Explorer and Edit Mode. It is important to know what these are, and what they mean for you.

Grid Explorer in Grid 3

Grid Explorer is your dashboard to manage and load different grid sets. It is fully accessible, using whatever access method has been selected in the settings for this user. 

What are the minimum device requirements to run Grid 3?

Grid 3 will run on most Windows devices that meet the minimum specifications. This includes devices from other suppliers, not just Smartbox systems.

How do I install and licence Grid 3?

You can install Grid 3 using one of the installers from our website. Once installed, you can enter your licence key to licence Grid 3.

Which languages does Grid 3 support?

Grid 3 is available in a wide range of languages. Each language is included with Grid 3 as standard, there is no need to run a separate installer.

Which voices are available with Grid 3?

Grid 3 supports a wide range of voices across many languages. Grid 3 is compatible with any SAPI5 voice but has direct access to many Acapela, Nuance and Cereproc voices as standard.

What are the grid set categories in Grid 3?

The content in Grid 3 is separated into categories depending on what it is for.

What is AAC?

AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. People use AAC to help them communicate when they have little or no speech.  AAC comes in many shapes and forms, using symbols or text to select what you’d like to say. AAC solutions range from low tech, using boards and books through to high tech communication aids such as a Grid Pad. 

Using a symbol communication grid set in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad

Symbol grid sets use words alongside pictures to help you choose what you want to say.

Using a text communication grid set in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad

Text communication grid sets do not use any symbols or pictures, instead relying on features such as prediction and chat history to make communication as efficient as possible.