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How do I connect an infrared accessory with Grid 3?

To connect an infrared device to Grid 3, you will need an IR (infrared) transmitter either installed into your device, or connected via a USB. There are multiple different kinds of IR transmitter available, Grid Pad devices come pre-installed with the GEWA transmitter but check with your manufacturer to confirm the transmitter in your device. 

Once your accessories are set up by following the instructions below, they can be used in environment control grids such as those found in Fast Talker, Super Core, and Servus without any further configuration. 

In this example, we will look at setting up Grid 3 to control a television using the GEWA transmitter, but the same procedure can be followed for other accessories which are controlled by an infrared remote – just choose the relevant device at the Add Accessory stage below. 

Note: We strongly encourage you to thoroughly test that your accessory works for you and all codes are learned correctly.

Setting up Grid 3 to control a television 

Before you start make sure you have your TV’s original remote control available, with fully charged batteries. 

  1. Open Grid 3, browse to the menu bar (three lines, top left corner) and select Settings – Environment Control.
The environment control settings window

2. Under the Accessories heading, select Add. You will see a list of accessory types, select the most relevant device for you. We will be using Television for this example. Once highlighted, press Next.

Selecting an accessory type to pair.

3. Under Transmitter, select the relevant transmitter for your device (for Smartbox devices, this is GEWA)

The accessory creation screen.

4. Select the first button you would like to program, and then Learn 

Hold your original remote approx. 2 inches from the IR learning window – the location of the window will vary for each model – see below:  

Grid Pad 10s/12/15 

Facing the screen, there is a small light in the top left corner. This is the IR learning window. The light will turn on when learning. 

The learning window on GP10s, GP12 and GP15 devices

Legacy devices (Grid Pad 11, 13, 18) 

On the left side of the backbox, just above the headphone port. You will see a red light when learning. 

The learning window on legacy devices, with a backbox.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions – you will be asked to hold down the button on the remote, then release, then a short press and release. 

The learning process for each button.

Once the code has been successfully learned, the button will turn green.  Repeat for all desired functions, then press OK. This will save the accessory to your Settings.

You can then test your new accessory in any Environment Control grid, such as the Servus grids in Fast Talker.

Last Revision: 14.01.2022