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Where are the Computer and Licences settings from Grid 3 version 91?

From Grid 3 version 91, the Computer and Licence settings categories were moved and are now available from the Devices and Grid categories.

The Grid 3 Settings window showing Devices

Devices offers settings to configure:

  • Sleep screen – Set the time before Grid dims and sleeps your device screen.
  • Cameras – Set your front and rear camera for use in camera grid sets.
  • Printers – Set the printer to be used with the Print command.
  • Smartbox device specific hardware, such as a Grid Pad Second Screen and Remote Power Button, will also show here.
The Grid settings window

Grid offers settings to configure:

  • Menu – Set whether the menu bar is always shown, or hidden.
  • Startup – Set whether Grid 3 launches when Windows starts.
  • Updates – Set whether Grid shows a notification when updates are available, and whether Early Access updates are enabled.
  • Data collection – Set whether anonymised telemetry data is shared with Smarbox.
  • Licences – View licence statuses and activate licences.

Last Revision: 20.02.2024