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Fast Talker

Fast Talker is designed to help people communicate quickly, keep in touch with friends and family, and stay connected to the world.

It is a complete solution for literate AAC users, with apps for fast text communication, message banking, SMS, email, browsing the web, environment control and much more. It also comes with Computer Control tools, giving you full access to Windows software.

Using Fast Talker

A guide to the Fast Talker home pages and navigation. Find out where to find tools and apps available to you in Fast Talker.

Chat keyboard

Discover the tools you have available within Fast Talker's Chat keyboard to generate messages quickly.

Chat history

Chat history gives you a quick and easy way to recall and speak whole phrases.


Fast Talker comes with a range of pre-stored phrases, organized into categories. Each phrase will speak as soon as you select it.

Message banking

The Message banking grid in Fast Talker enables you to play back the phrases you have recorded with your own speech, rather than using a synthesised voice.

Web Apps

Find out which apps are available inside Fast Talker

Phone and Answer

How to call your contacts, dial new numbers and answer calls from your smart phone in Fast Talker.


Send and receive text messages from your mobile phone directly in Fast Talker with the SMS grid.


Check your email, write a new message and attach images with the Fast Talker email grid.

Servus Environment control

The Servus Environment control grid allows you to control IR and Radio devices around your home.

Computer control

Set up your Fast Talker Computer Control grids and learn what settings you can use to access other applications.


Learn to create, edit and manage your notes and documents with the Fast Talker Notes grid.

Music & Video

Listen to music and watch videos in Fast Talker with the Music & Video grid. Learn how to add your favourite tracks and videos.


The Camera grid lets you take pictures in Fast Talker with any camera attached to your device.


Learn to use the Fast Talker calculator grid


Discover how to use the Fast Talker Contacts grid to message, call and manage your Grid contacts.


Fast Talker's Settings Grid gives you control over many Grid options and settings.