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How do I connect my iCloud account with Grid 3?

iCloud email accounts require 2-step authentication for all email applications, including Grid 3. They also require an app specific password for Grid 3 to use to login with. 

  1. Browse to in any browser outside of Grid 3 and select the Apple ID field below the Manage your Apple account heading. 
The Apple ID field on the iCloud website.
  1. Enter your iCloud Mail email address in the Apple ID field and select the arrow. 
Entering the iCloud email address.
  1. Enter your iCloud Mail password into the Password field and select the arrow. 
Signing into the iCloud account.
  1. If prompted, enter your answers to the security questions 
  1. Under Security – Two Factor Authentication select Get started… 
The iCloud security settings.
  1. Select the correct country code from the drop down menu at the top of the screen and then enter a valid phone number in the second box. 

Note: a mobile phone number is required for Text Message verification, but a landline can be used for phone calls. 

Adding a phone number for two factor authentication
  1. Select either Text message or Phone call and then press Continue 
Selecting whether to use a text message or phone call to receive the code.
  1. Enter the verification code sent via your chosen method and press Continue 
Entering the verification code to enable two factor authentication

You will then need to create an app specific password for Grid 3: 

  1. Select the Generate Password… option beneath the App-Specific Passwords heading in the Security section. 
The App Passwords option in iCloud Settings
  1. Enter a label/name for this password, we recommend using Grid 3 so you can track it later, then select Create 
Naming the new app password.
  1. A 16 character password will appear on screen, this is the password you will need to enter into Grid 3 when connecting your email account.  
The generated app password, ready for use in Grid 3.

Last Revision: 14.01.2022