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Show and hide the menu bar in Grid 3

In Grid 3, you may want to set the menu bar to not be shown. This locks you into Grid 3 by hiding the exit button, it also hides settings and access to Edit mode. This is also used when using Grid 3 with a keyguard to make sure cells are aligned correctly. 


An example of hiding the menu bar on a grid set.


You can configure how to show and hide the menu bar via the menu bar (three lines, top left corner) – Settings – Grid, using the Show menu bar drop-down menu.

Grid settings showing menu bar visibility optiosn

Depending on which setting you use, you can show the menu bar by either pressing F12 on a connected keyboard, or by touching the bottom right and top left corners of the touch screen in quick succession (you will see small white quarter circles if this setting is enabled).

There is also a command to toggle the menu bar which can be added to a cell in Grid 3.

Menu bar is a command cell that can be added to a grid set to enable the user to display or hide the menu bar above the grid. 

Last Revision: 14.01.2022