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How do I connect my smart phone with Grid 3?

Grid 3 can connect to your smart phone to allow you to make calls and send text messages. We have a video guide below for connecting your phone. If you would prefer written instructions, please scroll down.

Note: Depending on your model of device, not all phone functionality may be compatible with Grid 3.

What can you do when you connect a smart phone to Grid? 

  • Send and receive calls via Grid 
  • Use your Grid voice on calls 
  • Listen to your calls through your device 
  • Send and receive text messages 
  • Read symbolised text messages 
  • Read out your messages  

You will need: 

  • Grid for Windows (Grid 3) version 48 or above 
  • Your communication aid needs to have Bluetooth (Grid Pad 15, 12, 10s, Touch Pad etc.) 
  • Your smartphone must support Bluetooth 


Android devices running Android 6 and above (Samsung, Google Pixel, Sony and more) 


iPhone 6S and above running at least iOS version 13. 

How to connect your phone 

If you have never connected a smartphone via Call Centre before please go straight to Step 4

Removing Remote phone 

The Remote Phone icon.
  1. Turn off Service Status in the Remote phone app on your phone. 
The Service Status option in Remote Phone.
  1. Forget the existing Bluetooth connection on both your phone and computer. 
  1. You are now free to uninstall Call Centre from your device and your phone. 
  1. Check you have Bluetooth switched on, both on your phone and your communication aid. 
  1. Open Grid, select the menu bar (three lines, top left corner) and select Settings – Phone
The Grid 3 menu
  1. Discoverable phones will appear on this screen. 
The Phone settings screen.

Tip: If you don’t see your phone on the list, you may need to set your phone to be discoverable. On iPhone, this is a toggle on the Settings – Bluetooth screen. On Android phones, this can vary, certain phones have a discoverable toggle on the Bluetooth settings screen, other phones only become discoverable if the Bluetooth settings screen is open. 

Select Connect next to your chosen phone’s name to begin pairing. 

Connecting to a phone in Grid 3.

Your phone will display a notification to confirm, often with a pin code. Select ‘Confirm’ or ‘Yes’ to continue pairing. 

Tip: Your communication aid may show a similar prompt, ignore this! 

You may also get a couple of additional prompts and notifications on your phone while it pairs. These are to allow Grid access to various functions. Accept all of these. 

  1. Once pairing is complete you will see a list of what your phone can do while it is connected to Grid. 

Your phone will also begin to sync messages and calls, so you may start to see pop-ups in Grid. 

An example list of permissions from a phone.

Setting additional permissions on iPhone 

In addition to the setup instructions you will need to set the below IOS permissions. 

  1. On the iPhone open your Settings app 
  2. Select Bluetooth from the settings options. 
  3. From the Bluetooth settings select the ‘i’ symbol next to your connected device, for example, ‘Grid Pad’ ( the device name can differ depending on the model of grid pad you have ) 
  4. Ensure that Show Notifications is on (the tab will be green) and then restart Grid 3. 
The additional iOS permissions.

Phone audio settings 

On the Phone settings screen you can choose how you want to send your voice and where you will hear your callers. 


This drop down box lists all the audio devices you have connected to your communication aid. This allows you to send your call audio through either your device’s speakers, or another device like headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. Your options may differ from the screenshot below, depending on which device you have. 

An example of audio devices in the speakers drop down.


Choose where you want to send audio from. Your device will often have a microphone built in, and you can also select any connected headsets. No matter what you choose, you will always be able to send Grid’s voice directly. Your options may differ from the screenshot below, depending on which device you have. 

An example of the microphone drop down.

There is also a toggle to use the phone speaker and microphone, this will disable Grid’s audio being sent to the phone. 

The use phone speaker and microphone toggle switch.

Echo Cancellation 

The close proximity of the device speakers and microphone, when using them for phone use, can lead to an echo on the receiver’s end. We have included software options to help mitigate the echo, if present. Note: this may reduce the overall volume of the user, or make other people speaking in the background inaudible.  

Echo cancellation is only available when Grid voice only is not selected in the Microphone drop down menu and has three levels: low, medium and high.  

The Echo cancellation options.

Last Revision: 14.01.2022