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Pre-recorded Infrared remote files

This is our library of pre-recorded IR files for use with your Grid Pad. You can download and then import them into your version of Grid 3. 
Please select a category and then select the device model or make you require.

Remote file installation instructions 

  1. To install a .remote file, close Grid 3 and open File Explorer using the folder icon on your Windows task bar. 
  1. Navigate to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Smartbox\Grid 3\Environment Control Accessories
  1. Copy the .remote file into the folder and open Grid 3. 
  1. Browse to the menu bar (three lines top left), select Settings and open the Environment Control tab. You will see the devices listed, including the .remote file you added previously. 

From here, you can configure and edit the actions on the remote control. The controls will now be available in any grid sets as well as when creating and editing cells. 

Last Revision: 24.03.2022