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How do I change the settings of my grid set in Grid 3?

Whilst inside a grid set, you can modify the grid set settings. This includes the name of the grid set, how it looks in Grid Explorer and the language.

Editing settings

Open your chosen grid set, browse to the menu bar (three lines, top left corner) and select Settings – Grid Set.

The grid set settings window

This is the name that will be displayed in Grid Explorer and what will be visible if and when the grid set is shared at any time 

Select the default language for the grid set 

Editing this changes the cell icon as it appears in Grid Explorer 

This is a brief description of the grid set and its intended use 

Choose what will happen in the writing area when the cell is selected, either: 

  • Speak text 
  • Move cursor 
The writing area settings
  • Choose whether to use symbols in the grid set or not.
The symbol settings.

There is also a button to change which symbol libraries are available in the grid set. Note: this will not change the symbols on any cells.

Grid set analysis 

Each grid set has a store of detailed information that can be accessed and reported on at any time. This tool is useful for checking consistency regarding grid size, symbol sets and styles and for checking compatibility with other Smartbox programs.

Grid Set analysis showing the summary, grid sizes and symbols.

Summary (shown under the grid set name) 
This shows general information including the grid set name, the number of grids and the language used. 

Incompatibility issues will also be recorded here i.e. if the grid set will not work in Grid for iPad or Grid Player.

Grid sizes 
Check whether grid sizes are consistent across the grid set. This is a useful tool when using or creating grid sets to use alongside keyguards. 

This information is useful to ensure the symbol set is consistent throughout the grid set. 

This shows any information on any styles that are applied throughout the grid set. 

The styles area of Grid Set Analysis.

Last Revision: 14.01.2022