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What is Kiosk Mode and how do I use it with Grid 3?

Kiosk Mode is a way to set a device such that it will only load a single application, preventing access to other software and even things such as Windows settings. This is intended for use by assessment and support centres only due to the advanced set up required. 

When Kiosk Mode is in use, Grid 3 will be launched on device start up. If Grid 3 is closed, the device will display a prompt asking you if you want to shut down the device, you can enter a Y or N using a keyboard to trigger a shut down. If this screen is left open for 10 seconds, the device automatically shuts down on its own. If you press N, you will then have full access to Windows.   

Installing Kiosk Mode 

To put a device into Kiosk Mode, the Grid 3 Kiosk Mode installer will need to be run on the device. Please contact the Smartbox Support team to request a copy of the installer. 

After the installer has completed, the device will need to be restarted. 

Kiosk Mode has been tested with Smartbox devices. It is possible that it may not be fully supported by devices from other manufacturers. 

Removing Kiosk Mode 

In order to remove Kiosk Mode and return to regular device behaviour, Kiosk Mode must be uninstalled from the device. 

  1. Connect a keyboard to the device and press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to load Windows Task Manager
  1. If the option in the lower-left corner of Task Manager shows More details, select it to view the full Task Manager.
The Windows Task Manager.
  1. Choose File – Run new task, then type Explorer.exe into the prompt and select OK 
Starting the explorer.exe task.
  1. With Explorer running, you will be able to close or minimise Grid 3 and interact with the standard Windows environment. 
  1. Choose the Windows Start Menu (4 white squares in one corner) – Settings – Apps to view installed applications on the device. 
  1. Find Grid 3 Kiosk Mode from the list of installed apps. Select it, and then choose Uninstall
The apps area in Windows Settings.

Performing maintenance on a Kiosk Mode device 

Smartbox and Windows updates will need to be run manually on a Kiosk Mode device. 

Attempt to close Grid 3, and when prompted to shut down, press N on a connected keyboard. The device will open into Windows proper to allow you to run Smartbox and Windows updates. 

Last Revision: 26.01.2022