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How do you add a Grid set in Grid 3?

We have a variety of different types of grid sets that can be used in our software. We have a selection of text, symbols and accessible apps. Here is how to add a grid set to Grid 3.

Ensure that you are on Grid Explorer, you can do this by selecting menu bar  (the three horizontal lines) at the top left of the screen then select Grid Explorer.

Menu bar in Grid 3

Select the menu bar (the three horizontal lines) and select Add grid sets

Add Grid set in menu bar

You can then select from the different grid set categories.

Add grid set main page showing categories

Once you have chosen the category, select the collection of grid sets you require e.g Super Core grid sets, then press Next.

Grid set list in add grid set

Some grid sets have multiple versions available to choose from.

Multiple versions of Super Core

Once you have chosen your grid set, select Next.

Super core 50 grid set

You will then see information about the grid set and different Alternative Versions if available. Select Add to add it to your grid user.

You then will be able to open it and use it right away, or it will be available to access from Grid Explorer.

Online Grids

We have a selection of grid sets that have been created by our community of Grid 3 users.

Add a grid set- online grids

When selecting this option, you will be able to find customised Grid sets, and ones made for specific purposes (e.g lessons, websites, books etc).

Online grid main page

You can use the search bar in the top right of the screen to type keywords to help find what you are looking for.

Online grid main page

Once you have found the grid set you would like, select Next and then Add to add it to your Grid Explorer.

Online grid set selection

Last Revision: 24.08.2022