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How can I start a silent installation or update of Grid 3?

Grid 3 can be installed and updated ‘silently’, meaning that no options or window will be shown – also meaning that there is no requirement to press Next. However, it may display a prompt if there is an error.

Silent installation can be done with the MSI or the online installer. Silent installation is configured by adding the appropriate argument for the installer being used. This typically requires launching the installer from a command line – Command Prompt or PowerShell.

MSI installer:

"<path to installer file>" /q

Online or ISO installer:

"<path to installer file>" Silent=true

Note: quotation marks may be required around the file path if it contains any spaces. e.g. the space between “Grid” and “3” in “Grid 3.exe”.

This is also possible with other Smartbox software installers.

Silent Updates

It is also possible to run the Smartbox Update from the command line without any UI intervention. The command is:

"C:\Program Files\Sensory Software\ssUtils\ssUpdate.exe" Silent=true

Last Revision: 21.06.2022