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How do I set Grid 3 to launch with Windows?

You may want to set Grid 3 to automatically open when you start your computer to save time or make it easier to open.

We have made a video guide to help you launch Grid 3 on start up below, if you would prefer written instructions, please scroll down.

Browse to your menu bar (three lines top left) – Settings – Computer and toggle the Launch Grid 3 with Windows button to On. 

The Computer settings in Grid 3.

Setting the start up grid set 

Once Grid 3 is set to start with your computer, you may also want so choose which grid set it loads. Grid 3 will automatically open the Primary User, so this needs to be set inside that user.  

Browse to your menu bar (three lines top left) – Settings – Username (the top option from the left hand side) and beneath the Startup heading, change the drop down to the grid set you wish to start in.  

The user account settings screen.

Note: you can also make the user the primary or a standard user using the button beneath the Primary User heading.  

Last Revision: 26.01.2022