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How do I use emoji symbols in Grid 3?

You can use Emojis for SMS, email and social media in Grid 3. 

  1. Download the Emoji Symbols Keyboard from Online Grids and add it into your Grid 3 user. You can find the keyboard grid set here: Emoji Symbols Keyboard
The Emoji Symbols Keyboard Online Grids page
  1. Open the grid set you would like to add the Emoji keyboard to 
  1. Select your menu bar (three lines top left) – Edit grid 
The Grid 3 menu bar
  1. Select the blue Grid Set tab in the top left corner. 
The blue Grid Set tab in Edit Mode.
  1. Select Add from another grid set on the side menu, highlight the Emoji Symbols Keyboard and press Next
The add from another grid set screen.
  1. Select Select All, then press Add. 
Selecting all pages from the Emoji Symbols grid sets
  1. In Edit Mode, browse to your normal keyboard grid and add a jump to the Emoji icons grid, there is already a jump in place to go to the More grid from the Emoji icons grid. 
An example jump cell to the new Emoji pages.
  1. Depending on what type of grid set you are adding the emoji keyboard to (email, SMS etc.) – you may need to change the Chat Writing area commands to Email or SMS cells. 
An example grid with the emojis jump cell present.

Last Revision: 26.01.2022