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How do I install Voice Banked Voices for Grid 3?

Grid 3 is compatible with any voice in a SAPI5 format, this includes voice banked voices created by third parties. These voices will need to be installed and licenced with Windows first and should then appear in Grid 3 as part of the Voices store. Ensure Grid 3 is closed before starting any installation, to guarantee Grid 3 picks up the new voice successfully. Currently, only SpeakUnique voices are compatible with Grid for iPad.

The Grid 3 voice store window overlapping the Grid 3 Speech settings window

Acapela Voice Banking (my-own-voice)

Acapela have a useful tutorial section on their website which explains the entire process – – the instructions to install the voice itself can be found in the Delivery and Install Windows SAPI video.

  1. An email will be sent with a link to download the voice. Ensure you download the Windows SAPI version file and then unzip the contents of the downloaded folder. Open the folder in a File Explorer window.
    (Note: with some banked voices, there may be a username and password required to download the file. The username and password will be present in the body of the email)
  2. Find the RegSapi5.bat file and run it as administrator.
  3. Let the Registration Console operation complete, then press any key to close the window.
  4. Open Grid 3 and browse to the Voices menu.
  5. The Acapela voice will show up under its locale language as dnn-NAMEOFVOICE.

ModelTalker Voice Banking

  1. An email will be sent with instructions and a link to a page on the Model Talker website (
  2. You will be prompted to log into your ModelTalker account. Once logged in, you will be shown a list of all currently available voices on that account, with a Download button against each voice. Pressing Download will take you to a new page, with the list of installation options (Windows, iOS etc.). Selecting Windows will give you a new download link to download the actual installation files.
  3. Once the installation has been completed, the ModelTalker voice will be available in the Grid 3 Voices menu, in the English (United States) section.


  1. You will receive an email with a direct download link to the installer as well as your licence key.
  2. Run the installer through and paste in the licence key when prompted.
  3. Once completed, the voice will be available in the Voices areas of Grid 3 listed as personal_X_X in the correct language for the voice. Any voices that do not have a registered locale, will show up in English (United States).
A voice keeper voice in the Voices menu.


1. You will need to login into your SpeakUnique account through an internet browser and browse to the Download Voice section.

The Download Voice option on SpeakUnique's website

2. Once in the correct section, select the Windows tab and press the large download button.

The download button on the Windows tab

3. When the download is completed, unzip the folder to a new location and run the installer.exe file.

4. Complete the installation process, installing any prerequisites along the way.

5. Open Grid 3 Voices store, the SpeakUnique voice will appear as MyUniqueVoice in the relevant locale section.

voice showing in Grid 3 voices

Last Revision: 11.11.2022