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Opening and using a grid set in Grid 3

We have made a video guide to walk you through opening and using a grid set in Grid 3 below, if you would prefer written instructions, please scroll down.

Every grid set will look slightly different, but we will use this page from Symbol Talker A to show you the basics. 

The large cell at the top is the Chat Writing Area. This is where a message is composed. Selecting this cell will either speak the message or move the cursor, depending on your settings. 

The Symbol Talker A home grid.

The green cells are sentence starters. The white cells are Word list cells. Both green and white cells send text to the writing area to compose a message.  

The red cells are Command cells which carry out special functions. The Rest cell in the corner will pause any access method – select it again to resume. 

Jump cells are used to navigate to other grids in the grid set. In this case, you can jump to the home grid by clicking Home or go Back to the previous grid page. 

Tip: To quickly find which grid a word is on, browse to the menu bar (three lines, top left) and select Find Word

Other grid sets (such as Super Core 50) may use a different colour system to the above, but in general, vocabulary cells are separated by colour into their respective part of speech i.e. nouns, adjectives, verbs etc. Other cells (like our command cells above) will be a different colour again to differentiate them. You can see this in Super Core 50 – shown below.  

The Super Core 50 home grid.

Last Revision: 26.01.2022