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Message banking

The Message banking grid enables you to play back the phrases you have recorded with your own speech, rather than using a synthesised voice.

Image shows the message banking grid in Fast Talker.
Message banking grid – Fast Talker

Tip: Banked messages can also be triggered by typing your phrase using the keyboard, or by selecting it from your Chat history.

Adding phrases

To add a phrase, select Record new message and use the keyboard to type the phrase you want to record. Select Next when you are happy with your phrase, and use the Start/ Stop recording button to record your message.

You can now check whether you are happy with your recording, then Save and finish or choose to Record again.

If you want to record multiple messages, simply choose Save and record new phrase to go back to your keyboard and compose your next message.

Tip: You can also record, import, delete and organise your messages into categories by going to Settings – Speech – Message banking.

Last Revision: 11.07.2022