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Text Talker

Text talker is a powerful grid set full of the latest technology for text communication. Quickly generate messages in the moment and prepare for conversations in advance.

Getting to know the Text Talker home screen

Explore the Text Talker home screen and discover it's functions

Chat history

Chat history gives you a quick and easy way to speak whole phrases. With your permission, everything you say is remembered.

Quick phrases

Text Talker comes with a range of pre-stored phrases, organised into categories.

Message banking

The Message banking grid enables you to play back the phrases you have recorded with your own speech, rather than using the synthesised voice.

Switching conversations

Sometimes you may find yourself needing to respond to an interruption when you are halfway through composing a message. Using the memory functions, you can temporarily store phrases and switch between conversations.

Choosing your keyboard

Text Talker has a choice of three keyboards