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Alpha Core

Alpha Core is a text-based AAC vocabulary, designed for literate adults with changing access needs.

Who is Alpha Core for?

Alpha Core is designed for people with physical needs that are likely to change over time, such as ALS or MND.

Alpha Core keyboards

There are seven different keyboards to choose from.

Choosing your keyboard

How to choose which keyboard is suitable for you in Alpha Core.

Chat area and functions

Explore the functions that you can find across the different Alpha Core keyboard layouts.


The Sounds grid in Alpha Core is designed to let you trigger a number of different sounds and vocal
expressions that can be more meaningful than just speech alone.

Word prediction and Chat history

There are two types of prediction in Alpha Core: Word prediction and Chat history.


Explore the Topics grid within Alpha Core.

List of topics in Alpha Core

Check out a compiled list of the topics that can be found within Alpha Core.

How the topic grids work

Each topic grid is made up of a message list and sentence builders.

Customizing topic grids

Each topic grid in Alpha Core includes Add Message and Remove Message cells, so you can quickly personalise topics with your own words and phrases.

Adding a custom topic

In Alpha Core there are a number of blank topics ready to be customized. You can find these when you select More Topics from the main Topics grid.

Word list editing

The topic grids in Alpha Core use word lists. As well as adding words or phrases one at a time, there is also a way to add multiple words and phrases quickly.

Message banking

Alpha Core makes it possible for people with declining physical abilities to record messages with their own speech, so if they lose their ability to speak, they can use the recordings instead of the synthesized voice.

Conversational Supports

Alpha Core includes three types of conversational supports, which you can access from the Topics grid.

Web browser

The Alpha Core web browser allows you to access the internet and browse content with easy to access controls.


The YouTube grid lets you browse online videos and watch them inside Alpha Core.

Computer control

With Computer control you have access to Windows applications, with a control overlay that allows you to click, drag, type and more.

Photos & Camera

The Photos & Camera grid lets you take pictures in Alpha Core with any camera attached to your device as well as access quick chat phrases.

SMS messaging

Alpha Core lets you send and receive text messages from your Android smart phone. You can write quick messages, reply, send alerts and more.


The email grid of Alpha Core allows you to read and reply to emails, and send new emails to people in your Contacts list.

Adding and editing a contact

The contacts list is used by both the Email and SMS grids to make sending messages quick and easy.


You can control an Amazon Alexa device using Alpha Core.

Share or Save

The Share or Save grid is a quick way for you to take what you have been writing in to the chat area and use it in a document, email and more.


The document editor allows you to create and save your messages and longer pieces of text so that they can be recalled later.

Settings grid

The Settings grid gives you control over many Alpha Core and Grid settings.