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Fast Talker comes with a range of pre-stored phrases, organized into categories. Each phrase will speak as soon as you select it.

These messages are here to are here to help you respond quickly in particular situations and common interactions, and are fully editable.

Image shows the grid for pre-stored phrases in Fast Talker.
Fast Talker pre-stored phrases

Adding and removing phrases

You can add and remove your own messages by using the Add phrase and Remove phrase.

To add a new phrase you must first type it using your Chat keyboard. Then go to Tools and select Add phrase. This will jump to the Messages grid, and you can choose which category you would like to save your phrase in.

Now you can pick the cell you want your phrase to appear on. Available cells will be
highlighted in green. You can choose to overwrite a previous message, or select a blank
cell to add your message to the end of the list.

Similarly, you can delete a phrase by selecting Remove and then choosing the phrase you
no longer want.

Tip: If you wish to change the name of your categories, you can do this in Edit mode.
Simply choose the category you want to edit and select the Change Label button in the

Last Revision: 11.07.2022