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Music & Video

Listen to music and watch videos in Fast Talker with the Music & Video grid. The home grid will show you what is currently playing and the options to jump to your music and video libraries.

How to add music

To load your music into Fast Talker you will need to have your music library stored in Windows Media Player. To add music to your library, open Windows Media Player, select your music files and drag and drop them into the library. You will see the music populate the library, and pull in relevant information like album and artist.

Image shows Music library grid - Fast Talker
Music library grid – Fast Talker

Playing music in Fast Talker

Selecting Music will open your music library, listed by artist. On this grid you can select the artist you want to listen to. You will then be able to choose from any albums you have, and then the song. Alternatively you can browse by Album or Song.

Image shows Music player - Fast Talker
Music player – Fast Talker

Once a song is playing you will see the artwork of the track, and a grid where you can play,
pause, fast forward, skip, go back, shuffle your play list and change the volume. Once a
song is playing, it will keep playing while you browse other grids within Fast Talker Large Cell.

How to add videos

Fast Talker and Grid can play back videos in many common video formats, including MP4, WMV, AVI, MPG, and MOV. Videos you want to watch should be added to your Windows documents folders before they can be played back in Fast Talker. Drag and drop your video files to the This PC – Videos folder. You can make additional folders inside here if you need to organize your videos.

Watching a video in Fast Talker

Selecting video from the Music & video home grid will open your video library. You can select a video or browse any folders of video content you may have on your device. When you select a video you will be taken to the video player grid. You can play, pause, and skip.
You can also adjust the volume of the video playback, as well as head back to your video

If you leave the grid while a video is still playing, it will keep playing in the background, until you head back to the video grid and pause or stop the video.

Image shows Video player - Fast Talker
Video player – Fast Talker

Last Revision: 11.07.2022