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Phone and Answer

Access your contacts and make phone calls using a smart phone.

Connecting a phone to Grid 3

Before you can make any calls using Fast Talker, you will need to connect your phone. Check the Grid 3 guide to find out more.

The Phone grid

Image shows a screenshot of the phone grid from Fast Talker.
Phone grid – Fast Talker

The Phone grid shows a list of your most recent calls that you can navigate with the arrow cells. Selecting Dial will call the highlighted contact.

Tip: If a contact does not exist on your phone you can select the Add Contact cell to start adding the relevant details.

Why are my Grid 3 contacts not the same as my phone?

Your phone and Grid 3 have two separate contact lists. Grid 3 will display names that your phone knows. To add them to Grid 3 you should highlight the contact and select Add Contact. If you add a contact your phone knows, the name field will already be filled out.

Image shows the Add Contact grid in Fast Talker.
Add contact grid – Fast Talker.

Contacts lists all the Grid 3 contacts you have added. You can select a contact and choose to send an SMS, Dial or Email. You can also edit or delete contacts from this grid.

Image shows the Contacts grid set in Fast Talker
Contacts grid set – Fast Talker

Opening the Answer grid will automatically answer an incoming call. If you open the Answer grid set after a caller has hung up, you can jump to the dial or your phone grid.

Image shows Answer grid - Fast Talker
Answer grid – Fast Talker

Last Revision: 11.07.2022