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Chat keyboard

The Fast Talker Chat grid is based around a QWERTY keyboard.

Fast Talker QWERTY keyboard
Fast Talker QWERTY keyboard

Chat area and functions

Chat area

At the top of the grid is your chat area, where messages are composed. Selecting the Speak cell will read your message aloud.


This will undo the last selection or writing action you made, so for example if you selected the wrong prediction cell, you can undo and select again. You can also use undo to restore text to the writing area if you accidentally selected Clear.

Word prediction

The row of cells under the message bar are your prediction. Just start typing a word and after a few letters you should see it appear. After selecting your word, suggestions for your next word will appear.

Tip: You can switch from word prediction to chat history using the chat history cell at the bottom of the keyboard. Chat history will suggest whole phrases based on things you have already said.


Pressing shift once will capitalize the first letter of your next word, selecting it again will capitalize every letter until you select shift again.

Clear, delete word and delete letter

The Clear cell resets the message bar, ready to compose a new message. You can also delete your message word by word, or letter by letter.


Open a grid of text editing and useful functions.


Select the speak cell to speak your message aloud.

1 2 3

Show the number and punctuation keyboard. A B C will take you back to the keyboard.

Image shows the number keyboard in Fast Talker.
Fast Talker number keyboard

Fast Talker Large Cell keyboard

The Chat Keyboard in Fast Talker Large Cell is split across two screens, with letters organized by frequency. The most commonly used letters appear on the first grid, and those that are used less frequently are found in a second keyboard grid.

Image shows Fast Talker Large cell - Chat grid
Fast Talker Large cell – Chat grid
Image shows Fast Talker Large cell - Chat grid secondary keyboard
Fast Talker Large cell – Chat grid
Secondary keyboard

You can use the keyboard cell to switch between the two keyboards. You’ll also find the Shift, Back and Pin command on the second grid.


The second keyboard will automatically jump back to the home grid once you have selected a letter. You can select the Pin cell to stay on the second grid and choose another letter after making your selection.


In Fast Talker Large Cell the Prediction and Chat history display, Punctuation keyboard and Delete word are located under Tools, along with a with a selection of useful features for editing text and creating longer messages.

Tip: Fast Talker Large cell does not have a Speak cell. Instead you can select the chat area to speak your message aloud.

Chat tools

You will find a selection of useful features in the Tools grid of Fast Talker and Fast Talker Large Cell.

Images shows Chat tools grid - Fast Talker
Chat tools grid – Fast Talker

Copy and Paste

Copy will take a copy of the entire chat area, and Paste will insert your copied.

Tip: When you paste text, it will appear wherever your cursor is positioned in the chat area. You can move your cursor using the arrows or the previous and next word commands.

Undo Clear – Fast Talker only

Undo clear will restore the text in your chat area from the last time you selected clear.

Select text

If you want to select text and copy it into an email or another program, you can use the Select text cell. This will enable you to select text from the chat area using the arrow keys. Once you have selected your text, you can turn off the select text cell and Copy your highlighted text.

Select all – Fast Talker only

Select All will select everything in the chat area.

Add Phrase

Add phrase will take the text from your chat area and add it to the Message app.

Private mode

Switch Private mode on and off to control when Fast Talker remembers what you say.


Selecting Print will generate a PDF of the text in your chat area and send it to a connected printer.

Fast typing

Switch Fast Typing on for a faster dwell speed on the letters and numbers in your keyboard. As they are in familiar locations, you can select them quickly and increase your speed of communication.

Previous and Next word

Previous word and Next word will move your cursor between the words in your chat area.

Start and End of text

Start of text and End of text will move your cursor to the start or end of the text in your chat area.

Previous and Next sentence – Fast Talker only

Previous sentence and Next Sentence will move your cursor to the previous or next sentence. This is useful if you are editing paragraphs of text.

Start and End of line – Fast Talker only

Start of line and End of line will move the cursor to the start or the end of your current line in the chat area.

Last Revision: 11.07.2022