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Servus Environment control

Fast Talker can control a range of devices to give you more independence. With infrared technology you can control your TV, set-top boxes, or other devices around your home. You can also use a radio frequency transmitter that can be used to control lights, doors, windows and more.

To use these grids, you will need a compatible device (for example a Grid Pad) with support for infrared and radio transmission.

For more information on what your hardware supports, refer to its manual and specification.

Image shows Environment Control grid set in Fast Talker
Environment Control grid set in Fast Talker

Setting up Servus environment control and Fast Talker

To use the Fast Talker environment control grids you will need to configure your accessories and remotes to work with Grid 3 and your device.

Infrared controls

The Servus Environment Control grid sets are ready for variety of devices and appliances. You will need to teach your Grid Pad the correct infrared codes.

We keep a list of different IR remote codes for many home entertainment devices. Before you start setting up your devices, check the list to see if we have the relevant codes preprogrammed to save you time. These files are stored as .remote files.

Setting up a radio frequency device

To use an EasyWave or Z-Wave radio frequency device, you must first pair it with your Grid Pad, then configure how it behaves.

Last Revision: 11.07.2022