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Fast Talker allows you to connect to your email account and compose and send messages. Before you can use the email grid, you will need to configure your account.

Using Email

Use the arrow cells to navigate your inbox. Here you can send emails to your contacts, or
email addresses that you know.

Image shows Email inbox grid - Fast Talker
Email inbox grid – Fast Talker

Selecting Reply and Reply All will create a new email to the highlighted conversation.

Forward will let you send an email on to one of your contacts.

When you choose Open you will be able to read the whole email chain.

New Emails

Select New and pick a contact. Note that you need to add the email address as a contact
before you start writing an email.

Image shows New email grid - Fast Talker

With your contact selected, you can write your email by selecting Write email. Compose your message, and then send by selecting the Send cell. If you are using Fast Talker Large Cell the Send cell is found under Functions.

Tip: You can also send email to more than one person by selecting multiple contacts.


If there is an image attached to an email, you can save it to your device by selecting the
Save attachment.

Attachments are saved into your Picture gallery (which you can also find in My Pictures in

When you are composing an email, you can attach an image by selecting Tools and selecting Attach photo. This opens your image library and allows you to browse and select a photo. Note you can only select one photo per email.

This image shows the Attach photo grid, from the Tools in Fast Talker.

Last Revision: 11.07.2022