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Using Fast Talker

You will be able to access all the apps in Fast Talker from your home grid. Each app in Fast Talker has a Home cell that will bring you back to this screen.

Image shows the Fast Talker home grid with jump cells for Chat, Messages, Message banking, Social media, Phone, Answer, SMS and Email inbox grids.
Fast Talker home grid
ChatYour chat keyboard with powerful prediction tools to help you increase your rate of communication.
MessagesReady made phrases and messages for common situations and interactions, that you can quickly speak without typing.
Message bankingIf you have recorded messages and phrases with speech, you can store them in the message banking grid, to use in place of synthetic speech. You can also record new words and phrases here.
Web appsConnect to social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and browse YouTube.
PhoneBrowse your contacts and make phone calls.
AnswerAnswer incoming phone calls from your device.
SMSRead and send text messages via a connected Android phone
Email inboxSend and receive emails from your account
Image shows 2 black cells with command symbols for move forward a grid and move back a grid
Grid navigation
Move between the two Fast Talker home grids
Image shows a black cell with a symbol of an alarm bell which shows that when this cell is selected and alarm will sound.
Sound an audible alarm, or send an emergency SMS
This is the second home screen in Fast Talker. This shows 8 jump cells for Servus (environment control), Web browsing, Computer control, Notes, Music and video, Camera, Calculator and Contacts.
Second home grid in Fast Talker
ServusUse Servus environment control to control the devices around your home such as TVs, Hifis, lamps, curtains and more.
WebBrowse the web using the accessible browser in Grid.
ComputerAccess your Windows desktop and applications using Computer Control
NotesUse the Notes app to jot down notes and create longer documents.
Music & videoAccess the music and videos that are stored on your device.
CameraTake pictures with the built-in camera on your device.
CalculatorUse the calculator for quick sums and basic calculations.
ContactsBrowse, add and remove contacts from your device.
3 black cells showing icons for the Rest function, Clock and jump to Settings.
Three cells always present Fast Talker home
RestFor those using eye gaze or a pointer access, you can use the rest cell to pause your access method and look around the grid without making any selections.
ClockSelect the clock to check the time
SettingsCalibrate and control how Fast Talker and Grid behaves

Last Revision: 11.07.2022