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The Settings Grid gives you control over many Grid options and settings.

Image shows Fast Talker Large Cell - Settings
Fast Talker Large Cell – Settings
Eye gaze viewerSee a representation of where your eyes are positioned in
relation to your device
Eye gaze live videoSome eye gaze cameras allow you to have a live feed from the
camera which will be displayed inside the Eye gaze viewer.
This will change the eye gaze view to video if camera supports
it and let you see what the camera sees. For example you may
find a reflection that is causing a problem
Improve calibrationStarts an eye gaze calibration that focuses on specific points.
(Specific eye gaze cameras only)
Volume + –Control your voice’s volume
VolumeDisplays current volume, selecting will mute your voice.
BatteryDisplays the current battery level
BrightnessTapping the brightness cell cycles the brightness of the devices
screen in increments of 25
Slower and Faster dwellThese adjust the dwell time for both eye gaze and pointer
CalibrateStart a new eye gaze calibration
Hide/show menuHides or reveals the Grid 3 menu at the top of your screen.
StandbyPuts the device into Standby mode
RestartRestarts the device. Grid 3 will reopen if it is set to open on
Windows start up
Grid ExplorerLeave Fast Talker and return to Grid Explorer
Change voiceOpens the Change voice grid, this lets you choose from your
installed voices and can also adjust the volume of both
your speaking Voice and Audio Feedback
Sleep ScreenTurn your screen off to save battery life and reduce distraction.
Switch the screen back on using your access method – touch the screen, move the cursor, activate a switch, look at the centre of the screen, or speak your wake phrase.
Fast typingSwitch on Fast Typing feature globally, see the Chat section for
more information

Last Revision: 11.07.2022