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The Camera grid lets you take pictures in Fast Talker with any camera attached to your

Setting up your cameras

If your device has built in cameras, you may need to configure Grid 3 before they display. This is found at Settings – Devices – Cameras. Here you can use the drop down boxes to choose your front facing and back facing cameras.

Tip: You can connect a webcam via USB to your device and Grid 3 should support it. If you plug a webcam in, allow Windows to detect the camera, restart Grid 3, and the camera should be available when you are choosing cameras in your Grid 3 settings.

Taking pictures in Fast Talker

Opening the Camera grid will display a live feed of your selected camera. Selecting Take photo will capture a picture and save it to your library.

Image shows Camera grid - Fast Talker
Camera grid – Fast Talker

The Camera cell will switch between front and back cameras on your device (if these are available).

If you want to browse and view photos you have taken select Camera photos. Here you will see your photos arranged in a library. You can jump to your My Pictures folder when you can view other pictures saved to your library (from email attachments for example).

Last Revision: 11.07.2022