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Why is Windows Update KB5034441 failing to install with error 0x80070643?

Details about the Windows Update KB5034441 failing to install.

Grid 3 ISO files

Grid 3 ISO files for offline installation

How do I uninstall Voice Banked Voices from Windows devices?

When a device needs to be replaced or returned, it may be required to uninstall custom voice banked voices and reinstall them on a different system.

What do I do if Windows Updates fail?

In rare cases, Windows Updates may fail. This can be an update not applying or installing, Windows Update refusing to search for new updates or a recent Windows Update causing issues on the device.

How do I activate Smartbox Software without an internet connection?

If the device you are installing your Smartbox software, voice or grid set does not have an internet connection, you can use the Licence Manager to manually activate your licence keys. 

How do I set up and manage a Smartbox account?

A Smartbox account gives you the ability to access to extra functionality that would otherwise not be available in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad. You can manage your Smartbox account in a few ways depending on the software you use.

Smartbox Update FAQ

This is a list of common questions regarding our Smartbox Update program.

How do I allow Smartbox software through my firewall?

Our software may require some changes to the configuration of your home network. Your router and device may have a firewall active, which blocks unauthorised access to the internet and your network. Our software requires access to certain ports on your firewall to function correctly

What information do I need to provide to Smartbox support to help them diagnose my issues?

Our Smartbox Support team may request a wide array of log files and diagnostic information to help resolve your issues. The more you have prepared in advance, the faster the issue can be resolved.

How do I set exceptions for Smartbox software in my antivirus?

It is important to keep your antivirus software up to date to protect your device from malicious software and other threats. Depending on your software, you will either be prompted to update, or it will update itself automatically. To ensure Smartbox software and devices work correctly, you will need to add the following exceptions to your anti-virus. Depending on which anti-virus you use, the process to add exceptions will be different. 

How do I change the screen size of items in Windows?

On small screen devices, you may find items in the menu bars too small to use easily with a touch screen. Windows includes settings that allow the size of items on the screen to be changed. 

How do I find Smartbox diagnostic logs?

If you are experiencing issues with our software, including Grid 3, Look to Learn and The Grid 2, our Support team may need the software log files to help diagnose the problem. These files are automatically generated by our software and detail any issues that the program may be running in to. 

How do I generate a Windows battery report?

If you are having trouble with your Grid Pad’s battery, it is useful to generate a battery report to help our support team identify issues. 

Which user permissions do I need to enable to use Smartbox Software?

When managing multiple users on a network or in a school or business environment, it is common practice for an Administrator to configure Windows to restrict which files and parts of the computer you have access to. Smartbox programs require access to some files that are in the protected area, and so you may need allow access.

How do I uninstall and remove Smartbox programs?

You can remove any Smartbox program from your device at any time. Your licence will need to be reset separately and you may wish to take a backup of your content first.

Remote Support

In some cases, our support team can provide direct support to your device through remote access. This allows us to control your device via the internet and allow us to pinpoint issues far more accurately.