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How do I set up and manage a Smartbox account?

A Smartbox account gives you the ability to access to extra functionality that would otherwise not be available in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad.  

Creating a Smartbox account 

There are two ways to make a new Smartbox account: through the Grid 3 software or via the Online Grids website.  

Note: Grid for iPad users will already have a Smartbox account, one is created when you first sign into Grid for iPad. You can check the email address for this from inside the Grid for iPad Settings – Accounts. 

Through Grid 3

  1. Open Grid 3 and open the menu bar (three lines, top left corner) 
The Grid 3 menu bar
  1. Browse to Settings – Accounts 
The Accounts screen in Settings
  1. Press the Smartbox option (2nd option down). 
The Smartbox account options in Grid 3
  1. Select the New account option, input your details and press Create Account. This will automatically sign your Grid 3 into your new Smartbox account. 
Creating a new Smartbox account

Via the Online Grids website 

  1. Browse to in a web browser (outside of Grid 3). 
The Online Grids website
  1. Press the Sign Up button on the navigation bar. 
The Sign Up button for Online Grids.
  1. Input your chosen details and press Sign Up
The Sign up button for online grids.

Once created – you will still need to sign into your new Smartbox account inside your chosen software by heading into Settings – Accounts. 

If you create your account via the Online Grids website, you will be prompted to validate your email address (via an email to your email account). It is recommended to validate your account when possible, to ensure everything connects smoothly. If you do not receive the validation email (and it is not in Spam/Trash) – contact Smartbox Support and we can validate the account manually for you. This is automatically done if your account is created via Grid 3 or Grid for iPad. 

If you manage multiple devices/users – it is recommended to set each user up with their own individual Smartbox account using their own contact details if possible.  

Benefits of a Smartbox Account 

The two main benefits of having a Smartbox account are:  

It also enables the ability to send grid sets to any Grid Player device signed into the same account details – more information available here: 

For Grid for iPad users, it also allows you to assign out of app licence keys to your Smartbox account – 

Managing your Smartbox account 

The full details for your Smartbox account can be managed by logging into your account via the website.  

Once logged in, you will have access to various tabs across the top of the page: 

  • Online Grids – this will take you through to the main Online Grids page, where you can search for and download community made grid sets 
Online Grids search
  • My Profile – allows you to change name, bio, picture and other information tied to your account via the Edit button. It will also display any grid sets you currently share on Online Grids. 
The My Profile page on Ohline Grids

You can also change your password or delete your account entirely from inside the Edit button. Note: you cannot change the email address assigned to the account, as this acts as your username. 

Changing your Smartbox account password
  • My Devices – this will display all Grid for iPad and Grid Player devices currently signed in using your Smartbox account. You can also remove devices from your account – this is useful to free up Grid Player devices (as there is a limit of 3 per account). 
The My Devices page of Online Grids
  • My Licences – this will show all currently active Grid for iPad out of app licence keys applied to your account, as well as allow you to apply a new code. 
The out of app licence activation screen

You can also request a password reset for your Smartbox account via both Grid 3 and Grid for iPad from inside the Settings – Accounts – Smartbox page. 

In Grid 3

Requesting a password reset in Grid 3

In Grid for iPad

Requesting a password reset in Grid for iPad

Forgotten Smartbox Password 

If you ever forget your password for your Smartbox account you can request a reset. You will need to know the email address used for your Smartbox account and you will need to have access to that email account. 

Grid 3 Users 

Open Settings – Accounts – Smartbox and when you go to sign in, choose the Forgot your password? link. 

Forgot your password link in Grid 3.

This will prompt you for your email address used for your Smartbox account. You should receive an email from Smartbox with instructions on how to reset your password shortly after. 

Grid 2, Grid Player and Online Grids Users 

If you have Grid 2 you will need to reset your password through our Online Grids website, Grid 3 users can also reset their passwords this way. Browse to: 

The reset password option on the Online Grids website.

Enter the email address used for your Smartbox account and select Reset my password. You should receive an email from Smartbox with instructions on how to reset your password shortly after. 

Last Revision: 23.09.2022