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Legacy products

Details of Smartbox Legacy products, we aim to continue support for legacy devices for up to 5 years after the end of sale date.

Grid release notes

Release notes for Grid

Other Smartbox software

Switch Driver 6 and Dwell clicker 2 offline installers

Look family ISO files

Look family ISOs for offline installation

I have some questions about my locked Smartbox device/SGD

Smartbox devices that are funded within the US are supplied as a speech generating device (SGD) with restrictions to Windows to meet the criteria for Medicaid and Medicare support.  When a device has been locked, some Windows functions are restricted.

Licence Reset form

We understand there are some rare occurrences where you may need to have a Smartbox licence reset. Please complete the form and we will be in touch.

How do I verify my Smartbox Academy account?

Help verifying your Smartbox Academy account

How do I set up and manage a Smartbox account?

A Smartbox account gives you the ability to access to extra functionality that would otherwise not be available in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad. You can manage your Smartbox account in a few ways depending on the software you use.