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Smartbox Update FAQ

What does it do? 

Smartbox Update is used to get the latest version of Smartbox software installed on your computer. 

Smartbox Update will get the latest version of all Smartbox Software titles installed. You cannot select which programs will be updated. 

Do I need to use Smartbox Update? 

It is recommended that you run Smartbox Update once a month to ensure you receive the latest bug fixes and features. 

How does it work? 

When you start the updater it connects to our update site and checks for suitable updates. If any Smartbox Software programs are out of date it will download the latest updates and install them. The process is completely automatic. You will need a working internet connection. 

You can find Smartbox Update in your Windows start menu (inside the Smartbox folder). If you are using Grid 3, you can toggle on an update notifier button via the menu bar (three lines top left) – Settings – Computer – Check for updates. This will let you update from within Grid 3 itself.  

Smartbox Update in the Windows Start menu

Does this update need a connection to the internet? 

Yes, it requires an open internet connection. If you are using a school/hospital/business network that may be restricted – follow the What if I’m behind a proxy/firewall? instructions below. 

Can all users update the software? 

The updater needs to be able to install new program components and therefore requires a Windows administrator user account.  

Can I roll back an update? 

No – the updater will determine the latest version of each Smartbox Software program installed on your machine and update it. The installer will respect user settings, and also block updates if they are not yet available in your language. 

What happens if I unplug the internet while it’s download files? 

The updater doesn’t actually update any files until it has downloaded all required files to a temporary area; if you restart the updater it will resume where it left off. 

What should I do if the updater reports errors during the update? 

Firstly, check your internet connection is still connected and can open an internet browser (Google) successfully. From there, it may be a firewall or proxy issue (see below) or could be the result of open Smartbox processes. Ensure all Smartbox processes (Grid 3, The Grid 2, Look to Learn etc.) are closed and try again.  

If you are still having issues, please contact Smartbox Support.

Advanced Topics 

What if I’m behind a proxy/ firewall? 

It is important to ensure the updater can see our update server. We have more information on the firewall and port exceptions here:

I have multiple versions of a Smartbox program installed. Will the updated still work? 

The current version of the updater will remove other versions and replace them with the newest one. If you need to keep an older version or a test build, it is recommended to speak to Smartbox Support. 

I am on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. Will the update still work?

Windows 7 and 8 are no longer supported via Microsoft for any more updates. As of July 2023 Grid 3 will no longer update on these devices. If you already have Grid 3 you can keep using it but it will not update past version 85. You will not be notified of any Grid 3 updates unless we need to release any critical fixes. If you need to reinstall Grid 3 on these operating systems please run the Grid 3 installer or contact Smartbox Support.

Last Revision: 23.09.2022