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How do I generate a Windows battery report?

If you are having trouble with your Grid Pad’s battery, it is useful to generate a battery report to help our support team identify issues. 

To generate the report in Windows 10: 

  1. Search for cmd inside your Windows Start menu.  
Searching for CMD in Windows search
  1. Right click (press and hold) the Command Prompt option and select Run as Administrator 
running CMD as administrator
  1. In the Command Prompt window, type powercfg /batteryreport and press enter.
  1. The report will be generated as an HTML document. You will be told in the Command Prompt window where this document is saved 

Reading the report 

The battery report lists basic computer information then the installed batteries. 

In the below example you can see details of a Grid Pad 15 device with both batteries connected. 

An example battery report.

Comparing the Full Charge Capacity with the Design Capacity will tell you if the battery has deteriorated which can lead to shorter battery life. Some degradation is normal (the older the device, the more degradation). On newer batteries, the Full Charge Capacity may be higher than the Design Capacity, this is fine and is due to the Windows battery reporting system. 

The Recent usage table and Battery usage graph will show you how fast your battery is charging/discharging depending on whether the Source is set to AC or Battery. You can use the times on the left of the table to work out your current battery life or how long the device is taking to charge. Lower battery life, or long charge times, may indicate a hardware problem, depending on the age of the device and how it is used. 

The recent and battery usage graphs

The Battery capacity history will show you how your battery capacity has changed over time. Sudden drops in Full Charge Capacity could indicate a battery fault. However, incremental drops over a longer period are expected as devices age.  

The battery capacity history

Last Revision: 23.09.2022