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The document editor allows you to create and save your messages and longer pieces of text so that they can be recalled later. It is a useful tool for putting together longer text such as emails, lists or speeches so you can come back to them later.

Document explorer with Preview included

Your saved documents are listed on the left, and a preview of the selected document is displayed on the right.

Use the New Document cell to create a new blank document.

The Previous and Next cells let you choose from your saved documents that are being previewed.

Paste will place the contents of the clipboard at the cursor location in the current document.

Copy places the contents of the currently selected document into the clipboard.

Delete Document will remove the currently selected document. It will open a confirmation grid to confirm the action.

Editing a document

The Editing cell opens the currently selected document and offers a number of options for
manipulating the text, and also speaking it out loud.

If you would like to speak the contents of the document, you can use the Speak Sentence, Speak Paragraph and Speak Selection cells to read the text aloud. If you need to stop speaking in the middle of a speech for any reason, you can use the Stop Speaking cell.

Note when you stop speaking, starting the speech again will be from the beginning of your

There are text navigation cells which will move the cursor around your document. Start of Text moves the cursor to the beginning of the document, End of Text moves the cursor to the end of the document. Word Left and Word Right move the cursor by word. Cursor left, right, Line Up and Line Down each move the cursor incrementally

Start/Stop Highlighting allows you to pick out a piece of text. Selecting this once will begin highlighting. Move the cursor across the section you wish to select, then select Start/Stop Highlighting to finish. Select All will select the entire document.

A Document in the Document editing interface

When you have text selected, you can use the Cut, Copy and Paste cells to capture and place the text.

Use the Backspace and Delete Word cells to remove text. Clear will erase the whole document. If you make a mistake you can use Undo.

Adding text to a document

To add more text to a document, select the Keyboard cell to navigate to your chosen keyboard and compose your additional text. Then you can use the Share cell (sometimes this is found under the + cell) to copy the text and use the Add to Document option to place the text into your document.

Last Revision: 25.07.2022