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Word list editing

The topic grids in Alpha Core use word lists. As well as adding words or phrases one at a time, there is also a way to add multiple words and phrases quickly.

To do this, go to Menu – Edit word list. This brings up a window where you can add phrases, choose symbols, and change the order that messages appear in.

To add a new phrase, select Add and type your phrase. Press return and start typing the next one.

On the left is a column with all the phrases in the word list. You can change the order that the messages will appear in your grid here. Simply click on, or touch a message and drag it up or down to a new position in the list.

Tip: The bottom of the column must show No sort order to allow you to move the messages freely. You’ll notice this is selected in topics like Drinks, Activities and Events, messages are ordered A-Z to make words easier to find.

Word list being edited with the text 'Please turn the light off'

To add a picture or symbol to a phrase, select it from the column on the left. There will be a selection of symbols to choose from on the bottom of the window, or you can select Find picture to search for more options.

Last Revision: 25.07.2022