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How the topic grids work

Each topic grid is made up of a message list and sentence builders.

the Topics grid for Needs - Medical grid

Message list

This is a word list that is made up of messages that are added to the chat area. You can add the current contents of the chat area to this list using Add Message. You can remove a message from the list using Remove Message.

Sentence builders

These cells are designed to speed up your communication, by helping you to start your message with a word or phrase before jumping to a related Topic to finish your message.

Each Sentence builder cell contains text which will be added to the chat area, and the text in brackets tells you which other Topics grid you will jump to. So when you jump to Needs General you can say general phrases such as “I need help” or “I need to talk to you”, but you can also use the sentence builders to insert a starter phrase and then jump to another grid. For example, “I need (People) my daughter” or “Please clean (My Things) my glasses”.

Some grids also contain Quick fire messages. These messages are spoken as soon as they are selected and are not added to the chat area. For example, on the Comfort & Positioning topic there are quick fire messages including “a bit more”, “that’s too much” and “stop!”.

Building a sentence

Diagram of building a sentence.
Jump to comfort and position to Jump to Remove (my things), to Add small word to Add the glasses
How to create the sentence “Please remove my glasses”

Last Revision: 25.07.2022