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List of topics in Alpha Core

GreetingsTo start a conversation“Hi, how are you doing?”
Goodbyesto draw a conversation to a close“It was so good to see you”
AffectionFor talking to loved ones“I love you”
News & current topicsTo discuss what is happening right now“Did you hear the news today?”
Needs – GeneralFor getting help with day to day things“I need help”
Needs – MedicalFor getting help with specific things related to health“I need to take my medication”
Comfort & PositioningFor getting everything just right“Please help me reposition”
Personal careTo talk about daily routines“I need to use the bathroom”
Diet & Eating strategiesTo communicate your needs around eating and drinking“Please help me reposition”
Petsfpr talking about or to your pets“what a good dog!”
HouseholdFor day to day chores“Are you going to the store?”
Phone chatPhrases to help the person you are calling to understand you are using an AAC device“Don’t hang up I am using a speech device.”
My infoFor storing information about yourself“My emergency contact is…”
EmergencyTo get help quickly“I have a fire emergency!”
Schedulingeverything you need for organizing appointments, events or transport“What times do you have available?”
EntertainmentFor choosing media and activities“Let’s watch a film”
Family ChatFor catching up with your family“How are the kids doing?”

Last Revision: 26.07.2022