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Conversational Supports

Alpha Core includes three types of conversational supports, which you can access from the Topics grid.

The messages on each of the following grids are spoken immediately and do not get added to the chat area. This means you can use them even when you are in the middle of writing another message in the chat area. Jump from your keyboard to any of these three grids, speak a message, then jump back to your keyboard to continue writing your message.

Communication Tips

A grid comprised of conversational supports such as 'Excuse me' and 'Should I repeat them'

Communication tips contain messages that can help conversation flow and make quick interjections to help you explain more about communicating with an AAC user.

Questions & Continuers

Questions and Continuers are useful phrases to help you stay in the conversation. These are helpful if someone is telling a story or talking. You’ll find quick questions and comments like “Tell me more”, “What do you think?” or “I know”.

The questions and continuers grid, comprised of questions and reactions such as 'No way!' and 'What do you think?'.

Yes / No / Please / Thanks

This grid has quick messages to quickly respond to questions and enquiries.

The Yes / No / Please / Thanks grid with quick messages to help with questions and enquiries

Tip: To personalise any of these grids, you can use Add Message and Remove Message. Use Add Message to add what is written in the chat area. Use Remove Message to select one of the messages and remove it from the grid.

Last Revision: 25.07.2022