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The Topics grid consists of three main parts.

The topics grid


Firstly, the top half of the grid consists of jumps to a range of topics including Greetings, Needs and Personal Care. These are the light blue cells in the top half of the grid. Each topic contains relevant phrases and sentence starters, with links to other relevant vocabulary.

Top section of the Topics grid, in including topics such as 'greetings', 'needs' and 'my info'

Accessible Apps

You can also jump to useful apps for email and browsing the web from here – these are the blue cells in the bottom half of the grid.

The mid section of the Topics grid, displaying accessible apps


The bottom row of the Topics grid gives you jumps back, to your keyboard, to settings, and to conversational supports.

The bottom of the grid, displaying things such as settings and conversational supports

You will find a jump to Topics on nearly every keyboard so you are only ever a couple of selections away from your phrases.

Due to the number of cells, the Topics grid is not available from the 2-hit keyboard. Instead there is a jump to a reduced selection of Accessible Apps and Tools, and Chat History can be used instead of using the Topics grids.

Last Revision: 26.07.2022