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Web browser

The Alpha Core web browser allows you to access the internet and browse content with easy to access controls.

The Smartbox website displayed through the Alpha Core web browser

Favourite Websites

Navigate to pre-stored Favourites. You can also add the current web page to your Favourites to bookmark it for future easy access.

Google Search

From this grid, jump to the keyboard to type your search phrase, press Back to return to Search and then Copy and Paste from Chat. Your search phrase should now be in the box at the top, now press Search. Now you can scroll up and down to view the results. To open a page from the search results use the arrows on the bottom row to highlight it and then Activate Link.

Enter a Web Address

To go straight to a specific page, press Enter a Web Address. Now jump to your keyboard to type the URL, press Back and then Copy and Paste from Chat. Note that www is automatically inserted, and there are cells on this grid for common domains eg .com. Select Go to navigate to the web page.

Page Links

All the clickable links on a web page are displayed in easily accessible cells. Note that some pages will have a large number of links, in which case you may need to press More to display the one you want. This grid can save you from having to manually navigate through all the links on a page – just directly select the one you want instead!


Use the keyboard to type into a web page to fill in a form or post. Make sure that the cursor is in the desired text box with the Previous Link, Next Link navigation. Select Keyboard, type in your text, then select Back. Now press Copy and Paste from Chat to insert the text into the web page.

Previous Link, Next Link, Link Down, Link Up

Use the arrows to move the currently highlighted link (outlined in red) to the one you want and then select Activate Link to click on it.

Scroll Up, Scroll Down

Use scroll up and down when reading a web page.

Web Viewer

Web Viewer allows you to see more of the web page at once, as well as allowing you to scroll around and adjust the zoom level.

Scroll controls within the Web viewer


This cell will refresh the web page – useful if the web page hangs while loading, or if the information on the page may have changed since it was first loaded.

Tip: Using Grid’s built in browser is just one way of accessing the internet. You may also want to try out the Computer Control grid to access an alternative browser and directly access web pages.

Last Revision: 25.07.2022