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The Sounds grid is designed to let you trigger a number of different sounds and vocal expressions that can be more meaningful than just speech alone.

Tip: You can put a hyphen at the start of your phrases, eg "-Kiss" Then "-Kiss" will playback your recorded sound but typing the word "kiss" will still speak the word.

Attention, Alarm and Applause

These cells trigger appropriate sounds to get attention or show appreciation with applause. These sounds play at the same volume as your speaking voice.

The sounds list

The main section of the Sounds grid is pre-populated with several suggestions for sounds to record. These include -Eh Hem, -Laugh and -Oh.

To use these, you will need to record the appropriate sound with the Record Message option. This can be done either by the user if they are able to, or they can ask someone else to record them.

Recording a sound

First you need to select the sound or vocal expression that you would like to record, for example ‘-Oh’.

Select Record Message to be taken to the recording grid.

You can then select Record and make the sound you wish to capture. Selecting Record again will stop recording.

You can play back the recording by selecting Listen. Select Record again if you want to try again.

When you are happy with the recording select Back. Now whenever you type the phrase, including the hyphen at the beginning, or select it from the Sounds grid, it will play back your recording.

Adding and Removing Messages

You can add your own sounds and vocal expressions using the Add Message option. First write the message you want to add into the chat area with your keyboard. It is important at this point to start your message with a ‘-‘ to mark this as a sound.

Once you have written your message tap Back then select Add Message. You can then record an appropriate sound as described above.

To remove a message, select the Remove Message. The message list will turn red and you can select the message you wish to delete.

Tip: If the person using Alpha Core is still able to use their voice, it can be powerful to record signature remarks – a phrase that person says a lot, or something that is quite unique to them – because synthesized speech often will not convey the phrase in the same way.

Last Revision: 26.07.2022