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Guides on how to use The Grid 2’s more advanced features and options.

How do I use IRTrans with multiple transmitters in The Grid 2?

The IRTrans infrared transmitter is a network-based ECU system. Multiple IR modules may be fitted in rooms around the house. Each module has an IP address and connects to the home Wi-Fi network. Each accessory has an associated IP address. When you create an accessory, it will be created with a default IP address. This may be changed when the accessory is configured. If you have multiple accessories of the same type the Change Accessory command must be used to select the correct accessory. 

The Grid 2 Workspaces

The Grid 2 has a number of workspaces, which are like small programs, or apps, within your grids. The most commonly used workspaces are for composing sentences for voice output communication. There are also workspaces for emailing, web browsing, playing music or DVDs, accessing other software on your computer, and more. 

How does the prediction in The Grid 2 work?

The Grid 2 uses a prediction system specially created by Smartbox for The Grid 2. It works intelligently to provide the best suggestions as you type.

How do I use the MIDI commands in The Grid 2?

The Grid 2 can control any connected MIDI devices. MIDI (or Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a series of simple commands developed in the early 1980’s to control electronic instruments. This has grown into a universal way of accessing many devices as well as playing back audio. 

How do I make games with player scores in The Grid 2?

There are 4 player scores (variables) maintained by The Grid 2 for making simple games. These are simply numbers that are stored for you to use for making fun activities. 

How do I import and export grid sets in The Grid 2?

You will often need to import or export grid sets from or to a particular location. A grid bundle is a way of saving all the grids and settings in your user (or grid set) to a file on your device. This file can be then used as a backup or sent to a different device. 

How do I use the tabs in Grid Explorer in The Grid 2?

In The Grid 2, users are divided by tabs in Grid Explorer.  These tabs allow you to organise your users into groups and manage large numbers of users more easily. 

How do I send a grid set to Grid Player from The Grid 2?

Grid Player includes some ready-made grid sets, so that you can get started with it immediately on your iPad. However, you may wish to send your own grid sets to Grid Player from The Grid 2.

How do I hide the Task Bar when using Program Control in The Grid 2?

When you are using the Program Control workspace, you may find that the Windows taskbar appears over the top of The Grid 2. We will need to change the taskbar settings, to ensure the taskbar disappears whilst in The Grid 2.  

What is Data Logging in The Grid 2?

The Grid 2 includes a data logger along with some powerful analysis tools to assist you in visualising the data that has been recorded. Logging data about activity within The Grid 2 can allow you to improve the grids that you create and provide. 

How do I manage contacts in The Grid 2?

Each user in The Grid 2 has a list of contacts for sending email and SMS messages. In addition to their name, email address, and mobile phone number, you can save a photo for each contact.