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Details of the settings you can adjust in The Grid 2.

How do I use more than one picture library in The Grid 2?

The Grid 2 allows you to use more than one picture library for finding pictures. There are a number of Picture Libraries supported by The Grid 2. You can search more than one picture library when looking for a picture, and specify the order in which they are searched.

What is abbreviation expansion and how do I use it in The Grid 2?

Abbreviation expansion is a useful tool to limit the amount of typing you need to do when writing. Abbreviation expansions will automatically suggest a word or phrase from a defined shortcut or acronym. For example, you could use the abbreviation “ily” for “I love you”.

How can I edit my scan/dwell time using commands in The Grid 2?

In The Grid 2, it is possible, regardless of access method, for you to determine the speed at which you select cells. There are different commands depending on your access method, but each command will change the speed by 10%.

How can I change the volume in The Grid 2?

There are several different ways to set the volume in The Grid 2. You can also change the volume of The Grid 2 using commands, or via the Windows Volume Mixer.

How do I configure Z-Wave in The Grid 2?

The Grid 2 provides basic support for Z-Wave devices. If you have a large network or wish to use a secondary controller we suggest you use a different system. 

How do I use and configure speech recognition in The Grid 2?

The Grid 2 can be controlled using speech recognition. This can be used to either activate cells or dictate text directly. It relies heavily on the Windows Speech Recognition and may need to be trained to be accurate.

How do I share The Grid 2 users over a network?

The Grid 2 has been designed to allow you to share users over a network. This means that you can: allow people to log on at any workstation to access their user profile; allow different people to log on at the same workstation and use individual user profiles 

How do I lock my grid sets so they can not be edited in The Grid 2?

The Grid 2 has been designed to allow easy editing, however, there are some cases when you might want to lock down your grids so that they can’t be changed. 

How do I change the language of a grid set in The Grid 2?

Changing the language of a grid set will change the language used for spell checking, prediction, symbol searches, verb morphology and other language tools in The Grid 2. 

How do I make The Grid 2 start when I turn on my computer?

You may want to have The Grid 2 start when your computer is turned on. This is quite common on communication aids or if your computer is set up for alternate access methods (such as switches or eye gaze). 

How do I hide the menu bar in The Grid 2?

You can hide the menu bar to prevent it from being accessed. On a tablet computer with The Grid 2 running full screen with no menu bar, all you can see is your grids: there is no way to get into User Settings, Editing Mode or Grid Explorer. 

How do I connect and use my mobile phone in The Grid 2?

The Grid 2 has the ability to connect to a mobile phone. Using the mobile phone workspace, you can make and answer calls, as well as send a receive SMS messages. 

Which environment control transmitters are compatible with The Grid 2?

The Grid 2 can connect to a variety of environmental control transmitters, both for infrared and radio connections. 

How do I setup my email with The Grid 2?

The Grid 2 has built-in email to allow you to send and receive emails easily. The connection requires an email address compatible with POP3. This can be set up via your email provider.

How do I setup environment control accessories and transmitters in The Grid 2?

Environment control allows you to interact with other compatible devices via infrared or radio transmission. You can set up device as accessories in The Grid 2 to control them via cells in your grid set by learning or pairing the device to a transmitter.

How do I connect my Gmail account with The Grid 2?

Gmail has some specific security settings associated with the use of their email system with other applications. You may need to enable less secure apps, two step verification and create an app specific password.