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How do I use the tabs in Grid Explorer in The Grid 2?

In The Grid 2, users are divided by tabs in Grid Explorer.  These tabs allow you to organise your users into groups and manage large numbers of users more easily. 

To set which tab a user appears on, drag the user from its current location to a new tab. 

The tabs in Grid Explorer.

Alternatively, you can change the tab in User Settings: 

  1. Select the user in Grid Explorer 
Selecting a user in The Grid 2.
  1. Choose User Settings from the options on the left hand side.
The user settings options under Tasks.
  1. Browse to General settings – About Me 
The About Me page in General Settings.

Here you can set which Grid Explorer tab you want this user to appear on.  You can select an existing tab by dropping down the list or simply type a new name to create a new tab. 

Last Revision: 26.10.2021