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How do I use IRTrans with multiple transmitters in The Grid 2?

The IRTrans infrared transmitter is a network-based ECU system. Multiple IR modules may be fitted in rooms around the house. Each module has an IP address and connects to the home Wi-Fi network. Each accessory has an associated IP address. When you create an accessory, it will be created with a default IP address. This may be changed when the accessory is configured. If you have multiple accessories of the same type the Change Accessory command must be used to select the correct accessory. 

Setting up Transmitters 

Browse to File – Preferences – Environment Control 

The environment control tab in Preferences

Select the Transmitters button and select the IR Trans tab. 

Enter a default IP address. This will be the IP address that is used when an accessory is created or the simple IR Trans command is used. 

Setting up Accessories 

This example shows how to configure the Servus grid set to control two televisions. One in the lounge on IP address and one in the bedroom on You can add accessories from the Preferences – Environment Control – Accessories menu.

The Accessories screen in the Preferences menu.

1. Create an accessory with Type=TelevisionEnvironment controller=IRTrans. Train the buttons with the remote for the controller for the lounge TV. 

2. Create a second accessory with Type=TelevisionEnvironment controller=IRTrans. Set the IP address to Train the buttons with the remote for the controller for the bedroom TV. 

Configuring the IR-Trans accessories

Modify the Servus Grid set. 

1. Open the Servus grid set and browse to the Television page. 
2. On an empty cell, add a Select Environment Control accessory command. On the command, select the Change button to select the Lounge television. 

Modifying the Select Environment Control accessory commands.

3. Repeat to create a second cell to select the bedroom television.  

Note: the cells are indicator cells and their colour will change when they are selected. The colour for indicator cells is set under User Settings – Appearance settings – Cell Appearance. 

The user can now switch between the bedroom and lounge TV by clicking the appropriate cell. The change will stay in effect when the user switches to other television pages in the grid set. In addition to the IP address, the appropriate IR codes will automatically selected. 

Last Revision: 26.10.2021