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How do I send a grid set to Grid Player from The Grid 2?

Grid Player includes some ready-made grid sets, so that you can get started with it immediately on your iPad. However, you may wish to send your own grid sets to Grid Player.

You will need The Grid 2 installed and licenced on your Windows computer to edit grids and send them to your Grid Player. 

Select the Online Grids menu, and sign in to your Smartbox account. 

The Online Grids menu in The Grid 2.

From the Grid Explorer window in The Grid 2, select the grid set you want and select Send to Grid Player from the left-hand Tools menu.

The Send to Grid Player option in the Tools menu

On your iPad, refresh your Grid Explorer by tapping on the icon in the top-left corner. 

The refresh icon in Grid Player.

Please note that you cannot send grids from the Online Grids website directly to Grid Player. 

Last Revision: 26.10.2021