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How do I use Grid’s grammar features?

How to use Grid's grammar features and commands.

How do I use the Find Word command in Grid for iPad?

How to add and use the Find word command in Grid for iPad.

How do I update Grid?

Grid is continually being developed to provide new features, content and bug fixes, so we always recommend you keep Grid up to date

How do I install SpeakUnique regional voices in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad?

How to install SpeakUnique's UK-regional voices within Grid 3 and Grid for iPad

How do I find Grid for iPad diagnostic logs if the app does not open?

If Smartbox require a diagnostic log for Grid for iPad, the option to send it from within the app itself is not always available. The app may be crashing, making it impossible to perform the action, or the device may not be setup with an email account.

How do I use more than one language in Grid for iPad?

Grid for iPad supports over 30 languages with over 100 voices available and localized grid sets. Languages are set per grid set and not per user which allows one user area to have grid sets using multiple languages.  

How do I add and share grid sets using Online Grids and Grid for iPad?

With your Smartbox Account, you can share and add grid sets from the Smartbox Community using Online Grids. These grid sets will become publicly accessible once shared through Online Grids. 

What is a grid set?

A grid set is like an app within Grid; grid sets can vary in their purpose, from a simple symbolised sentence building page to a complete text communication package with camera and web access.

What is a grid?

A grid is what you will see on your screen when you are inside a grid set; each page in a grid set is a grid. Grid sets can be made up of many grids, or may contain only one single grid.

How do I open and close a grid set in Grid for iPad?

Grid sets can be opened by selecting them in Grid Explorer. Once loaded, you can close a grid set by using the Grid Explorer icon in the top left corner of the screen or by using a cell with the Grid Explorer command.

How do I add a grid set to Grid for iPad?

Grid sets can be added into Grid for iPad at any time. Smartbox grid sets are available via the Add grid set menu, other grid sets may come from Online Grids or been created by yourself.

How do I remove a grid set from Grid for iPad?

Grid sets can be removed from Grid Explorer at any time if they are unwanted or unused.

Sharing your grid sets using Grid for iPad

Grid sets can be shared between devices in many ways, depending on if you want them to be public or not. They can also be shared between your own devices.

How do I purchase and install PODD in Grid for iPad?

PODD is a licenced grid set available in Grid for iPad. It is available as an in-app purchase via the Add grid set menu.

What is a Write cell?

A cell using the Write command will speak a word, phrase or sentence.

What is a word list?

A word list is a dynamic list of words that populates word list cells.