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How do I purchase and install PODD in Grid for iPad?

PODD is available in Grid for iPad. You can purchase PODD from inside the Grid for iPad app. 

If you are looking for PODD for Grid 3 please see this article:  How do I purchase and install PODD in Grid 3?

Purchasing PODD in Grid for iPad 

PODD is available as an in-app purchase in both Grid for iPad – AAC and Grid for iPad – VPP. 

Note: You cannot transfer a purchase of PODD from Grid for iPad to Grid 3, or from Grid 3 to Grid for iPad. You also cannot transfer PODD between the AAC and VPP versions of the app. 

1) From the Grid Explorer screen, tap the three dots in the top right corner. 

The Grid Exploer screen with the menu bar icon circled

2) Select Add grid set.

The Grid for iPad menu bar, with Add grid set circled

3) Select Symbol Communication.

Categories of grid sets in the Add grid set menu, Symbol communication is top of the list

4) Scroll to see the PODD grid sets category, and tap to select it. 

Various kinds of Symbol Communication grid sets - PODD is 2nd in the list.

5) Tap the PODD grid set you want to install. 

All the PODD grid sets currently on offer in Grid for iPad

6) You will see the buy button. Tap to purchase a PODD licence. This licence covers all PODD grid sets, you only need to buy this once! 

The purchase button on one of the PODD grid sets.

When the purchase is complete you can Add the PODD grid sets to your Grid Explorer. 

Last Revision: 30.11.2021